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Make your Own Assassin and become the best assassin on World !Challenge other Assassin's and pass every mission your organization gives to you !
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Dark Chaos
July 2017

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 Mission List

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Dark Chaos

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PostSubject: Mission List   Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:02 pm

1)Elimination Drug Dealers Lvl:1 Exp:50 Money:100$
2)Bank Robber Lvl:1 Exp:25 Money:250$
3)Tunnel Rat Lvl:1 Exp:25 Money:125$
4)Fake Criminal Lvl:1 Exp:25 Money:50$
5)Car Robbing Lvl:1 Exp:50 Money:100$

6)The Bus Assassination Lvl5 Exp:80 Money:450$
7)The Hotel Assassination Lvl5 Exp:60 Money:200$
8)Politic Problem Lvl5 Exp:80 Money:800$
9)City Mafia Lvl5 Exp:100 Money:400$
10)Eliminate Small Mafia Lvl5 Exp:120 Money:500$

11)Murder at the Bazaar Lvl8 Exp:140 Money:600$
12)Fake Policeman Lvl8 Exp Exp:140 Money:300$
13)Hidden Identity Lvl8 Exp:140 Money:700$
14)Serial Killer Lvl8 Exp:180 Money:700$
15)Village Secret Lvl8 Exp:160 Money:400$

16)Drug Dealer Chase Lvl10 Exp:160 Money:900$
17)Killing Sphere Lvl10 Exp:280 Money:1600$
18)Mafia Informations Lvl10 Exp:200 Money:1300$

1)DOS Mafia Exp:160 Money:1150$
2)NNO Mafia Exp:140 Money:1100$
3)Jack And Murphy Exp:140 Money:800$
4)Nicolas Exp:160 Money:750$
5)Shadow the Killer Exp:200 Money:1300$
Any Character can try "Wanted Missions".They are maybe hard so if you are not good assassin enough don't try.
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Mission List
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